‘3 Bits’ Courts Controversy And Cash

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
November 22, 2013
2:05 p.m.

It’s described as a queer web series about three gay siblings.

And things keep getting more queer, in real life too.

First, a summary of the show 3 Bits:


“Henry Bits is the baby. He’s a twink and he’s in art school. Getting laid should be his job, but they aren’t hiring. Roman Bits is the middle child. She used to sell weed. Now she pulls them. Madison Bits is the oldest. You can watch her life fall apart on her blog.

What do the three Bits kids have in common? More than they think. They’re intense, they all find themselves in outlandish situations we’ve cooked up, and their sex lives are as abnormal as, um, most people’s sex lives are.”

Okay, we get it. Sounds very funny. So, filming in these New York streets, like everyday filmmakers in New York City, the producers got in a, ahem, bit of trouble. Erin Markey, the actress who plays Madison Bitz-Mozzarella, was contacted by the NY Police Department after she was spotted snorting a line of cocaine off a baby’s belly. That would be questionable behavior, except they were filming a scene with a character snorting cocaine. Read: It was fake. They instructed Markey to put them in contact with the show’s creators, Max Freeman and Margaret Singer. She complied.


Even more queer, after the creators verified that no actual cocaine was used in the scene, the NYPD requested a disclaimer for the scene, alerting viewers that it was a work of fiction. Um, because every time a character gets killed off on Scandal ABC alerts viewers that the “character in question was not actually tortured and murdered by Olivia Pope and Associates”?


Freeman and Singer have chosen not to comply. Says Singer:

“We figured the scene probably wouldn’t go over well with mommy bloggers, but we couldn’t have imagined that it would get the cops’ attention. We thought they were preoccupied with alienating minority communities throughout the city.”

You can view the episode here.



Now, the creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the show, which made me laugh as hard as the series and the “cocaine abuse” story, combined. Yes, Kstart’s are common, but this one offers fans underwear and, ewww, toenails worn by actors.

Sal Infantino as Grant

No word as to whether the actor will be wearing the briefs when they are sold.

Click here for more information And if you get those ‘nails, hide them in a safe place.  


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