5 Tips To Discreetly Fight Homophobia Without Being Outed!

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July 31, 2014
5:59 a.m.

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You’re gay? You’re in the closet? you can’t come out because you live in Lebanon? You don’t want to participate in any kind of LGBT demonstration? Do you know you can still fight homophobia and be an LGBT activist while remaining discreet?

Here are 5 DIY tips that I personally use on a daily basis and are proven to be effective.

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When your straight friends or colleagues at work throw a gay joke, don’t laugh. Just smirk. And if they ever were involved in some homophobic conversation and you’re too scared to defend homosexuality, remain silent. There is absolutely no need to participate in the conversation if you’re not gonna fight homophobia and get “busted”. Trust me, your silence is highly appreciated in such situations.

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If you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation discussing homosexuality, try to give examples (even if they are fake) about people in your life who happened to be gay. It could be your university professor, your manager, your favorite artist or your colleague at work. Emphasize the fact that they’re regular and nice people and that you like them.

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Play the educated guy/girl. Grab any opportunity to talk about the latest research and refer to medical articles you “usually” read. “A mental disease? Oh please… you sound like my grandma”. Make your friends feel illiterate and old school.

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When your guy friends compliment a girl sexually, you don’t have to take a part. You can just smile or do nothing. If you’re asked about your opinion, just say she’s pretty or not. You don’t have to “fake” your attraction. Trust me, it’s no big deal.

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Get involved in the social media activism and take a part of the global movement. If you don’t want to use your personal account, create another account and share your ideas and thoughts. You can always volunteer for work for LGBT NGOs in Lebanon, either in person or online. All of them respect your discretion.

Happy silent fighting!

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