50 Years of Gay Culture in 5 Minutes

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June 17, 2013
6:47 a.m.

Looking for a quick Gay history review so you can actually sound knowledgeable the next time a conversation about our communities past comes up at a Gay Pride cocktail party? Look no further!

Gay activist/artist Leo Herrera has meticulously combed through more than 50 years of video footage to create a memorizing look at the LGBT community’s journey over the past five decades, reports Towleroad.

According to Herrera, the five-minute video collage, titled The Fortune Teller, took six months to assemble and is comprised of 100 clips, which were each carefully chosen by the artist.

“The story is told through the trance of The Fortune Teller (played by Stanley Frank) and created using archival and modern footage,” Herrera explains on his website. “The film is a documentary and time capsule, paying homage to psychedelic films of the 1960′s and the modern art of the YouTube Montage film. From Mapplethorpe to Lohanthony, Uganda to Burning Man, Vogue to Sissy Bounce, AIDS to The Berlin Patient, meticulously edited clips create a kaleidoscopic five-minute journey through more than 50 years of gay history.”

Watch the full collage below and then visit Herrera’s website to see each of the 100 clips decoded.


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