Alec Baldwin Speaks About Gay Slurs: MSNBC Show Suspended

Staff Guyd
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Staff Guyd

November 16, 2013
4:07 p.m.

This Alec Baldwin story is harder to follow than the plot twists on Scandal. He just won a trial over a stalker and now is defending his own questionable behavior. TMZ claims the actor called a paparazzo a “Cocksucking Fag,” which Baldwin denies, which was preceded by him calling a tabloid reporter a “toxic queen,” which he apologized for.

And Anderson Cooper has not been amused. He went into Tweet Mode…

alec baldwin anderson cooper

In the meantime, Baldwin’s MSNBC show, Up Late, has been suspended, and Baldwin wrote a blog for The Huffington Post about the whole affair. Regardless of your opinion, it does make a good read.

And now back to something less confusing, like the Affordable Healthcare Act’s website.


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Inactive User
8 years, 10 months ago

alec balwin is a “B” actor, he should just stick to doing commercials for the rest of his life!