Alec Baldwin, Now & Then

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August 20, 2013
5:20 p.m.

Matt Dillon hasn’t been in a lot of hits of late, but guys certainly want to hit on him now. GuySpyers think he’s hotter today (61 percent) than back in his teen dream days. Even Little Darlings improve with age.

Let’s get on to another Big Boy in Hollywood. And Bad Boy. And Big Bear. Alec Baldwin has made a name for himself as the head of one of Hollywood’s biggest (and often news-making) families. Brother Alec started out as a major Hollywood sex symbol in movies like Prelude to a Kiss and Working Girl, and as husband to Her Hotness, Kim Basinger. Add a few years, and a few pounds, and Alec’s become one of our most popular character actors, presiding over shows like 30 Rock and Will & Grace, and in movies like the new Woody Allen flick, Blue Jasmine. 

What we want to know is if you prefer 55-year-old Alec NOW, Alec-Baldwin6a010535d6b7c6970c017d40eef407970c-500wias a lovable bear in a recent publicity still, or back THEN, when he was a clean-cut heartthrob.




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adamml (Guest)
8 years, 11 months ago

Now all the way! What a great man. I love him in 30Rock. But he was very handsome before as well.