Ariel Versace Gives 9/11 Performance As Muslim Woman In Bomb Jacket

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Robert Paulson
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September 21, 2014
6:00 a.m.
Ariel Versace.

Ariel Versace.

Recently everyone is freaking out over Ariel Versace’s 9/11 performance unconvincingly dressed as a “muslim woman” with a bomb vest strapped to her. She knew what she was doing was wrong as paper airplanes flew onto the stage intercepted by her 8 inch heels.

I think what bothers me more then anything is that the whole performance by the uneducated Miss Ariel Versace was completely inaccurate. I am all for artistic freedom and even love controversial performance art but Ariel Versace did not do her homework. I lived in the Middle East for a year and I can assure you no traditional muslim woman would wear something like that. How difficult is it to google how to put on a proper hijab? She looked more like one of the three wisemen then she did an islamic extremist, much less a muslim woman.

The whole event really saddens me greatly. Here’s the full article:

Story Courtesy Of Queerty: 

Members of Philadelphia’s LGBT community are outraged this week following a local white drag queen’s September 11th performance, during which she apparently dressed as a Muslim woman wearing several bombs in what could be considered a “bomb vest.”

The performance was given by Ariel Versace (right) at an installment of Voyeur Nightclub’s annual “Drag Wars” competition, hosted by Drag Race veteran Mimi Imfurst

The weekly show is described as “RuPaul’s Drag Race meets The Voice” and operates much like Drag Race — several queens compete in lip synch challenges every week until one is crowned as the winner.

Last Thursday, contestant Ariel Versace took to the stage in what has been described as “Muslim garb,” holding toy bombs and wearing a vest that included a handful of toy bombs as well.

Though unconfirmed by the venue and show host, a disgruntled drag fan tells us that someone in the audience — perhaps involved in the performance — had also flown paper airplanes onto the stage, which were intercepted by Versace as part of the performance.

A drag fan tells us:

[Ariel] made a complete mockery out of the 9/11 tragedy by dressing up in Muslim garb and wearing bombs…As a former New York queen, I can’t believe [Mimi Imfurst] would allow such a production to not only go on, but then push through. More ridiculously, Jiggly Caliente, another NYC queen performed that night.

In response to a Facebook status on Mimi Imfurst’s wall earlier that day, Ariel seemed to know beforehand that her performance may not be received well. “I’m. Going. To. Hell. For. Tonight.,” she wrote:


At least two photos showing Ariel Versace in the offensive “Muslim garb” were posted to a Drag Wars photo album on Facebook but were removed before time of posting. We’re told by the photographer that they were taken down at Ariel’s request.



Art is subjective, but response to the offensive performance has been almost unanimously condemned on Facebook. Several Facebook fans have called the performance “disgusting,” “classless,” and “distasteful.”

Ariel Versace had not responded to multiple requests for comment at time of posting. A photo of the performance, as well as conversation regarding it, can be found below. If you have other photos or videos of Ms. Versace’s performance, please reach out to us at

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.06.27 PM

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