Bette Midler Turns Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Into Music

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March 12, 2015
6:00 a.m.

da4a5ec95eea5cbc4987d4e1ba5e6442Bette Midler Story Courtesy Of Dan Tracer

Kim Kardashian has 29.8 million followers on Twitter, and with elegant poetic phrasing like “I never thought I would ever say this…but I’m wearing flats today,” it’s easy to understand why. So simple, so direct, so moving. Allow me a moment to wipe the single tear that’s welled up in my left eye.

Bette Midler agrees, and recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to provide some musical accompaniment to Kim’s Tweets.

Bette Midler, you’re a national treasure, and we’re so happy to hear one of your chickens is named Kim Kardashian.

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