Bursting Bulges In Andrew Christian’s Water Balloon Challenge

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The Underwear Expert

April 10, 2015
6:02 a.m.

tumblr_nmgdr46fOm1qj4rk6o4_540Is that a water balloon, or are these Andrew Christian models happy to see you?

Models Jacob Ford and Ryan Rose get each other wet in the Andrew Christian Water Balloon Challenge. And while this may suggest the hotties engage in a water balloon fight, that doesn’t come until later.

Instead, the Andrew Christian Water Balloon Challenge is a testament to the brand’s Almost Naked Pouch. Whether you’ve heard of or experienced the hang-free design for yourself, you know it has the room for your package. As it turns out, there’s room for even more goodies down there, and well over ten water balloons.

You can see more Andrew Christian models and underwear on The Underwear Expert.

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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