Chinese Guys Reveal Their Gay Life

Mario Esposito
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Mario Esposito

January 7, 2014
3:09 a.m.

One out of every 20 Chinese young men has experienced gay love. This is the result of a poll conducted by China’s largest dating and marriage website,

The website interviewed 8,894 men and 5.57% admitted having had a lover of the same sex at least once.

More over, 15.34% told the interviewers they have been busy in a love triangle and 20.46% reported a ‘secret love.’

The Chinese result matches with the indications coming from the experts and from the World Health Organization, that 5% of the world population is believed to be gay or bisexual.

However China is still largely homophobic. China removed homosexuality from the list of psychiatric diseases 13 years ago and legalized adult gay sex in 1997, however the country did not introduce an anti-gay hate law or a pro-gay right law.

In China there is no marriage or civil partnership and the country still struggles with its traditional values.

According to another survey of 3,500 respondents, conducted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, two out of three adults think homosexuality is ‘unacceptable.’

The poll, however, gives new hopes for a change in the attitude towards being gay. But China still waits for its own Ricky Martin or Tom Daley to come out…



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