Artist Guyd: Chris Pennington on Abstract Art, Neo Raunch and Otters…

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
November 20, 2012
12:54 a.m.

Entertainment Guyd Danny Hilton talks to hunky, globe-roaming homo Chris Pennington about his abstract collage art, “Barbie Having Sex,” and Otters.

Where are you from and what do you do? 

I moved to Barcelona from Los Angeles, but the big secret is that I grew up in a rural town in Alabama. I like to think of myself as an American gypsy or a buccaneer. I haven’t decided yet. But wherever I am, I paint.

How did you you get started?

I grew up drawing comic books. Superheroes with big bulges and girls with big tits. Gradually my interest in storytelling evolved into large-scale abstract collage and assemblage paintings. In L.A. I got involved with set painting, and later, event design. I love to get into new things.

Describe your style.

Rauschenberg meets Neo Rauch. It’s complex yet reconciled visually. There is that balance that is appealing. Somone called my work “a playground of elements,” and someone else said it was “couch art.” I’ll take ‘em both.

What’s your favorite piece?

“90 Feet Deep” is my favorite work. Ironically, it’s one of two from my Koreatown series that didn’t sell.

Have you had any disasters?

“Barbies Having Sex” acrylic 00’. A tender moment for me in art school.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

David Wojnarowicz. Part painter, part writer. Total queer activist. I identify a lot with his mix of styles and how his collage works blend with his subconscious narrative style of writing. He also was a super bad-ass fag.

What’s the best piece of art, ever?

Probably something that your niece or nephew gave you. It’s honest.

What kind of guys do you like?

I’m super into Otters, so slim guys with hair (just like my husband!). But I can get into just about anything. When I was eighteen I had sex with a fifty-year-old. I was really into Daddies back then, and by the way, what a lucky bastard he was! And I swore that I would never be that “old” guy in his thirties or forties chasing Twinks. But then lo and behold one day I suddenly found myself totally hot for younger guys, like twenty-one to twenty-four. It freaked me out! But the two age groups (thirties and twenties) are really hot together. As long as one is old enough to drink and the other isn’t pushing a walker with tennis balls, it’s fine.

Chris Pennington spends his time between Sitges, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. You can check out his work here:


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