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The Underwear Expert

December 25, 2014
6:02 a.m.

Do you rely on firefighters or Olympic athletes to remind you what day it is? Forget that, it’s so 2014. Next year, move onward and upward with the 2015 Colby Melvin Calendar!

Photographed by Shaun Vadella, the calendar is a dozen shots featuring the adorably hunky Colby. Not just Colby, but Colby in his underwear — exactly how we like him. It doesn’t take much to highlight his defined muscles. With this hanging on your wall, getting out of bed will be easier, at least for 365 days.

The Colby Melvin 2015 Calendar also came with a video preview. We aren’t kidding when we say it’s a teaser. It captures Colby on his down time. He’s ironing, showering, watching the fish in his neat little tank. Some of this is done sans clothes. The rest is done sans everything. It’s enough sex appeal to make every day red letter. Red hot, sexy letter.

You can see more on the calendar and its video preview at The Underwear Expert.

colby-calendar-2015-2 colby6 colby9

Photo Credit: Shaun Vadella

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