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Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

November 25, 2013
6:50 p.m.

CF 4-1altWell, here we go again. The holidays! Every year I find myself saying right about now, “I can’t believe it’s the holidays again!” Not sure why, really. Guess it just feels like it comes quicker each year, even if the year seems never-ending.

This week I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my three brothers from my father and stepmother’s marriage, and their children, my nieces and nephew. Linden, who’s forty, Nathan, who’s thirty-eight, and Joshua, who’s thirty-five, are all Soukesians through and through. Clowns all of us! I’m seriously looking forward to it, as it’s been quite some time since the four of us have all gotten together. Tis the season!

This year the holidays are going to be markedly different. It will be the first Christmas since my mother’s passing, and the end of the year will close out what has been one of the most profound years of my life. So much has happened that it seems to have spanned more time than just a year. I’m definitely looking forward to 2014 and all the possibilities!

This year isn’t finished just yet, though. Shortly, I will be releasing a new EP that I’ve been working on over the past year and a half. It is a collaboration with UK Producer/Songwriter, David Barrett. We came together to record The Beatles’ “Yesterday” for David’s project “Beatles Complete on Ukulele.” It was a great idea, I love the song and The Beatles, and I absolutely love David’s arrangement and musical choices. After that experience, we decided to start working together, writing songs and recording, which are the tracks you will hear on this EP. It’s more acoustic, more soul-based, and more organic than The Way I Am. I’m looking forward to getting it out!

I will also be releasing The Way I Am on CD, with packaging and all! With us living in such a digitally driven world, I’m excited to get this record out in CD form, and I’m digging the fact that I’ve released physical CDs for each of my full albums. I am from that generation, after all, and appreciate the packaging and presentation. Ah, the good ol’ days!

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