Courtney Act Is A Babe In Both Men’s And Women’s Fashion

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September 7, 2014
6:00 a.m.

image-1-360x467 (1)Story Courtesy Of Queerty Editors

Australian pop sensation Courtney Act has mastered the art of looking flawless both as a man and as a woman, which has made her a prime candidate to model both men’s and women’s fashion in Time Out New York‘s fall fashion issue.

So that’s exactly what she’s doing in the current issue on stands now.

The accompanying interview with Courtney Act (aka Shane Jenek) reveals that she’s recently relocated to Hell’s Kitchen via Hollywood, where she’s enjoying a new straight female fan base after performing three sold-out shows.

Courtney Act says:

“Before Drag Race, I’d say that 99 percent of my audience was gay males. And since Drag Race, it’s like 30 percent straight girls. Drag Race is watched by just as many women as it is by gay men. The meet-and-greets at the end of the show are about 70 percent straight girls, including young ones like the 11- and 14-year-old girls. My show isn’t quite appropriate for an 11-year-old girl, because it’s all about my journey of living life on the gender divide, sometimes as a girl and sometimes as a boy, and how that manifests with people I have sex with. Those girls went back to school on Monday real educated. They’ll get an A in sex ed.”

Check out more photos of Courtney Act over at Time Out.

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