Hot Cuban Men: The Secret Homoerotic Lives Of Cuban Men

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August 19, 2014
6:00 a.m.

 Story Courtesy Of Graham Gremore


Kobi Israel describes his photo series Love Stories, Cuba as a “visual travelogue,” and boy, oh boy, if only everyone could travel like Kobi.

“I explored notions of the macho and the masculine/militant versus the homoerotic in revolutionary Cuba,” Israel explains, describing photography as “detective work” to “explore the subconsciousness of emotional and philosophical queries.”

Israel was born in Tel Aviv in 1970, and now resides in London. He graciously allowed Queerty to exclusively publish a sampling of Love Stories, Cuba.

Israel says he developed close ties with his Cuban Men subjects.

“I made friends and lived in their remote country houses,” he says. “I dined with their families and socialized with their friends, all the while walking the thin line between observer and participant, gathering homoerotic and homo-social experiences, capturing secret love stories with my camera.”

Scroll down for a sampling from Love Stories, Cuba. So many hot Cuban Men! 




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Inactive User
Inactive User
8 years ago

sensual because they are great looking men, but not erotic as much as amazingly natural. Now I think all shots that are done with a natural pose and easy relaxed lack of hyper focus on body parts – rock. Israel may me my favourite photographer because of his fresh easy and breeze – natural effortless appearing photos. And if it looks easy – well then you know it takes a cutting edge amount of experience and a well trained eye to do it! Easy never is. Celebrate good men, great art!