New Cuddle Playlist From Robbie Paulson – Melancholy November

Robert Paulson
Authored by
Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
November 13, 2014
6:02 a.m.

tumblr_n56ch28wOm1sev3vvo1_1280I am not the most sentimental fuck but it’s November and I feel like a cuddle playlist, don’t you? Just as all the best hookups have just the right mix, so does a good cuddle. The first ingredient is you, and then the boy of your choice from here or here, and lastly,  this playlist right here. If a cutie messaged me to say he had a bunch of tracks full of sweet nothings and big blanket to cuddle in then I would be on my way. However, if things get a little frisky from their, that ain’t my fault ;). If you like this cuddle playlist, check out similar ones below!

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