Thank God Dan Osborne Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Naked!

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August 24, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Matthew Tharrett

Dan Osborne, Gay America’s British boyfriend, is good to his fans.

No stranger to being naked in front of the camera, the 23-year-old reality DILF chose to accept the contagious ALS ice bucket challenge in his birthday suit today.

To cover his giant, oft-protruding package, Dan has chosen to use his own hands, which have proven to be not-so-good at covering this thing in the past.

And that bum! Why don’t you go up and give that bum a cheeky pinch? He wouldn’t mind.

Nick Cannon also recently did his own…shirtless.

Shia LaBeouf challenged Marina Abramovic

Chris Evans dressed up for his

Liam Hemsworth rocked an adorable onesie for his

Benedict Cumberbatch took several ice buckets, one of which he was naked for


Victoria Beckham did it with her kids, which Us chose to report as: “Victoria Beckham Collapses Under Weight of Water

And Anne Hathaway joined Instagram just for the occasion.

Can somebody please nominate Tom Daley now?

Update: Aaron Schock has joined the trend, opting to baptize himself in ice water.

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