Dan Savage Lives Up To His Name On ‘Bill Maher’ (Video)

Staff Guyd
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Staff Guyd

November 23, 2013
6:01 p.m.

On Bill Maher Dan Savage was in rare form, having fun with The Cheneys, Alec Baldwin, and Kiddy F*ucking Priests.

“It’s funny that you need a Dick to adjudicate a dispute between a lesbian and straight sister,” Savage told Maher, in regards to the Liz and Mary Cheney family feud.

Mary Cheney has been saying that she will not recognize her sister until Liz recognizes her same-sex marriage. But Savage had something to add to that “liberal” point of view.

“Unlike her sister, Liz, who’s saying ‘it’s a state issue,’ Mitt Romney wanted to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage in every state, even overturning gay marriages in states where it had already been legalized,” Savage said. “Romney was 1,000 times worse than Liz, and Mary wrote that f*cker a check.”

Meanwhile, Maher argued that Liz’s opposition to marriage equality was an attempt to curry favor with Wyoming conservatives that backfired.

“I’m sure there are a lot of Wyoming people who find gay marriage icky,” Maher told Savage. “But what they found even ickier was throwing your sister under the bus.”

Watch that and much more, below.


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