12 Reasons To Love British Hottie Russell Tovey

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
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March 11, 2014
1:32 p.m.

Now that ‘Looking’ is over (for now), we’ll have to look elsewhere for our dose of hunkilicious Brit, Russell Tovey, the actor that plays character Kevin Matheson. And where best to overdose on someone hot than on Instagram? We found some pretty tasty shots of Russell, including this very lovely black & white shot from backstage at his most recent London stage performance for ‘The Pass.’

Russ Tovey 1

Here he is looking extremely cute in some thermals… Lucky thermals. We’d love to keep you warm Russell.

Russ T 2

Here’s another shirtless backstage shot. A typical London theatre dressing room. Hollywood glamour, this is not. Oh, and no need to get dressed for us Russell, stay as you are.

RT 3

You’re probably wondering who the super-cute pooch is – that’s Rocky, Russell’s side-kick. The pair are pretty inseparable.

RT 4

It looks like Rocky and Russell go everywhere together, with the majority of Instagram photos dedicated to his four-legged friend.  Here they are snuggling in bed. Lucky Rocky. Grrrr.

RT 5

Rocky often has more of a photo-finish pose set up than Russell…

RT 6

Russell likes to have a laugh – he doesn’t take himself too seriously – we like that in a man! Here he is mimicking statues on a trip to Rome a few months ago…

RT 7

RT 8

There are a few cute backstage shots with some of the other members of the Looking cast.

RT 9

Russell even looks hot when he’s in hospital. #hospitalselfie

RT 10 - Hospital

Argh, look at those sexy freckles. That sure is one lucky dog.

RT 12 shirtless

But at the end of the day, this Instagram account is about one thing… A gorgeous man and his gorgeous pooch.

RT 11 - Russ and Rocky cute


We love you both guys!


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