Drag Burlesque: Atomic Bombshells Blow Up The Stage! (PHOTOS)

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November 25, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Matt Baume

When burlesque started experiencing a modern revival a decade ago, we were a little worried that it would be just a flash in the pan, like when everyone liked swing for a few weeks in 1998. But we needn’t have worried! Burlesque has become more vital than ever, thanks in large part to the amazing talent of troupes like the internationally-renowned Atomic Bombshells of Seattle.

This weekend, the Atomic Bombshells performed the show Cake at the Triple Door Theater to raucous applause. Drag Race hotshot BenDeLaCreme hosted the affair, with a cast of local favorites like Kitten La RueFaggoty Randy, drag king Lou Henry Hoover, and Miss Indigo Blue. Fabulous guest superstars Perle Noire and Kitten De Ville brought the audience to their feet. Next time you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest — or when the troupe’s on tour — tickets are a must-get. (Hint: Many of the same artists are hosting a Christmas show next month, if you’re looking for a perfectly inappropriate way to celebrate the holidays.)

And as randy as these photos are, the performers peeled off far more than we can show you on this family-friendly site. Head over to photographer Matt Baume’s Flickr for some uncensored photos.

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