Element Magazine Shares Exclusive World AIDS Day Photo Project With GuySpy

Morris Chapdelaine
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Morris Chapdelaine

November 30, 2013
9:30 a.m.
calvin siew

Calvin Siew

In light of the coming WORLD AIDS Day on 1 December 2013, our friends at Element Magazine are bringing HIV/AIDS awareness to the fore with a visual campaign targeted at the MSM community. And what better way to bring the message across to gay men than portraitures of naked, toned bodies with the sensitive bits covered by bits of tape carrying important messages.

The campaign is made possible with a total of 9 athletic models and 3 photographers, including both straight and gay men. Some of the notable personalities who bared all for the campaign are Jason Chee, a popular fitness model in the Asia region, and Hagen Troy, a singer and songwriter in the mandopop scene.

“This had been one of the most ambitious shoots we have done so far in Element Magazine, we hope our readers can enjoy the images and assimilate the messages we wanted to bring across”, said Hiro Mizuhara, the creative mind behind the awareness campaign. The photos will be printed in postcards for sale to raise funds for AFA (Action For AIDS) in Singapore.



jason chee

Jason Chee

We’ve got more stories to share with you this weekend, all in commemoration of World AIDS Day. As a gay dating and hook-up website, we understand how important safe sex and partner communication is. While we LOVE to have fun and encourage all our readers and app users to celebrate their sexuality, we also want to remind everyone, that AIDS and HIV is still a major component of our lives. Let’s continue to pull together to be more understanding of those living with AIDS and HIV and encourage all to practice safe sex.


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Elida (Guest)
6 years, 8 months ago

Wow what an amazing photo project! I love the concept, reminds me of Lady Gaga a little bit!