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September 22, 2012
12:04 a.m.

SYTYCD Male Dancers Ranked, Who’s the Hottest?

Another season of So You Think You Can Dance just ended (thank God!). Didn’t Season 9 feel like it was on forever? The show certainly hasn’t held our attention for a couple of years now. Years ago, we used to hang off every word and dance move. Nowadays, we simply play it in the background while doing other things at home. FOX needs to dump Nigel Lythgoe and bring it back to its glory days. Forget the popularity contest and crowning America’s favorite dancer. Let’s crown America’s hottest dancer. Check out our Top 15 rankings here.

Christina Aguilera Teases “Your Body” Music Video

If you watched this week’s episode of The Voice, you probably caught a sneak peek of Christina Aguilera’s upcoming music video. If you didn’t feel like watching more blind auditions, then you definitely missed out. Luckily for those who haven’t seen the “Your Body” teaser, I have it here for you. The track is the lead cut off X-Tina’s upcoming album, Lotus. It’s definitely promising. Watch it here.

Sexy Colton Haynes Stars in New Leona Lewis Music Video

In the music video directed by Raul B. Fernandez, Leona finds a relationship with Teen Wolf star and total hottie Colton Haynes. Don’t get too attached because things go sideways when Leona catches Colton flirting with another woman during a night out. Things get a little heated, and, well, Colton finds himself in a little “trouble.” Watch the music video here.

Paris Hilton Thinks Gays Are “Disgusting”

When we think of celebrities with a beef against the gays, we wouldn’t expect that one of them would be Paris Hilton. During Paris’s most recent trip to New York for Fashion Week, a conversation Paris was having with one of her friends in a taxi cab was secretly recorded, and Paris really let her opinion about gays fly. In the audio, Paris states that gays are “disgusting” and most of them “probably have AIDS.” For the full story, click here.

Rupert Everett Thinks There Is Nothing Worse Than Two Gay Dads

Every now and again, celebrities tend to put their foot in their mouths. This time, said celebrity is Rupert Everett. The openly gay actor who blazed a trail for other gay actors recently opened up about his opinion on same-sex parents to The Sunday Times Magazine. His comments have outraged gay rights activists, with one even saying Rupert should “get out a bit more.” Click here to read the quote and comment in question.

Weekly Features

Since we’re a gay website, we love sharing a bit of eye candy. We post three regular features highlighting the hottest studs. Check out our picks for this week.

Model Behavior: Tomas Skoloudik

Who’d You Rather: Revolution Studs Rogers vs. Pardo

Sports Stud: Caine Eckstein

Before we say good-bye till next week, we wanted to share a few other highlights from Homorazzi.com over the past seven days.


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