Mina The Sparrow Takes Flight, By Connor Sobolik

Connor Sobolik
Authored by
Connor Sobolik

October 15, 2013
5:16 p.m.

In the midst of the indie music movement we are being flooded with new artists teaching us that it doesn’t take a record label to create awesome records. Through the cracks come musicians from every walk of life, all newly able to record their deepest feelings and share it with the world.

Mina Karimi, The Sparrow, is a musician that deserves your recognition, as her unfaltering ability to be transparent and emotionally honest is a talent so few can master. After working at a taco shop in Brooklyn and painting for an extra dime or two, Karimi brings beauty to the host of hardships she’s had.

On “The Fight” and its many layers.

Me and the director were meeting for several weeks and just kind of visualizing a lot of it. Then the day of the shoot my amazing partner showed up and was perfectly keen on exposing his beautiful body for us. So we just went with it. We wanted to be fighting but there is a love between us so I couldn’t fight with him.

I find that a lot of times life will give very opposite things at the same time. In that respect a lot of the emotional pain that I felt has always been coupled with immense enlightenment. I really felt awakened by each emotional tragedy, into a place of eventual inner peace and self-love. The voluntary emotional suffering that I put myself through was helping me. It came out of me as a form of healing.

On her name.

Why the sparrow? that’s a great question. It sounds silly, but a few years ago my friend thought it would be interesting to go to an event with a shaman who could see your spirit animal. So we go to this ceremony and he tells us to go into a forest and say what animal we see. For me it was a crow. So I was like, that’s kind of creepy, I’m not a crow. My roommate at the time was like, “You’re more of a sparrow, Mina, you’re not a crow.” So then I became the sparrow and I felt it. There’s a lot of references in The Bible and in Shakespeare to sparrows. Also, they are small and brown and all over the place, like myself.

On inspirations and hardships.

I have to be honest: When I am writing it’s just the collection of a lot of emotions that I have often about one person. That I can’t get out. The walls come crumbling down and it’s all that can come out. So they are to specific people, but then you listen to it all and then I said “this could be about all of them.” It’s this weird story imprinted into my soul. I mean maybe it was originally imprinted by the chaos in my childhood or maybe they are all about losing my father. Who knows, on some level of my soul they are all about the same thing. Individually they are one by one.

On writing.

Honestly, when I am writing I am not really thinking. A lot of times I don’t even write the songs. I just play the guitar and hit record and just those lyrics come out. And then I write them after the fact. I have a song called “Leaving,” and when I think about my parents I hope they don’t take offence or feel hurt by the words. I don’t want my thoughts to hurt people.



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