Flirty, Fabulous and Folsom Street Fair

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September 30, 2011
1:59 p.m.


I realize that I haven’t posted in quite some time. It’s so hard to be me! Life has gotten in the way and typing out my rantings has not been so easy. I do apologize! I’ve had more opportunities in my acting career which keeps me running around from set to set in between ball waxings.

The last week has been very interesting to say the least!

As most of you know, this last weekend was San Francisco’s Annual Folsom Street Fair. This fair is one of the biggest leather and fetish events in the world. It has been so successful attracting people from all over the world, that they now have another one in Germany!

Most people who aren’t full time fetishists use the Folsom Street Fair as an excuse to wear (or not wear) their fetish gear, assless chaps, jocks, harnesses and animal play. And when you are going to have your ass, or even the full monty, hanging out in public for the world to see, you want it to look good! Others go all out, injecting saline into their penis and scrotum skin, getting whipped or spanked, even sporting temporary piercings all over their bodies.


The week before the festival, I was innundated with appointment requests including, boyzillians, buttocks and back waxing, body trimming and beard shaping. Some also got facials to make sure that when people are actually looking in their eyes, that their faces look good too.


I had to work on Folsom Sunday until 2 pm. I had a couple of hetero-girl services to perform (you know women can have hairier assholes that some guys? Crazy!) and then I changed into my outfit for the day.


I started out by eating half of a medicated brownie and then by putting on my little grey sunga I bought in Rio. I then sprayed myself down with a 50spf spray on, water/sweat resistant sunscreen. I put on black socks, complete with sock garters, a pair of boots, a pair of black leather arm-bands, aviators and a black woven cowboy hat! I was ready to go.

I started my walk from my studio to the festival. (I love San Francisco! A 6’1″, 270 lbs bear can walk the streets wearing a bikini and boots, and no-one bats an eye). I then met up with my friend David and we walked to the gate.

At the gate we were greeted by Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, asking for a $7-$10 donation, in exchange for a sticker that will get you $2 off a $10 beer.Of course they put my sticker right on my junk which defeated the purpose of wearing my sunga (i wanted to show it off, not cover it up). We then made our way from the 12th street entrance on Folsom passed the stage and into the crowds. A sea of leather, skin and whips. Women in nothing but paisties and panties. Men in wrestling onesies, or full leather suites, or jocks and some nothing at all. Everyone is drinking and flirting. The bars are spilling out into the street, with entrance lines down the block. Booths filled with leather wears for sale and food and beer tents lined down the middle of the street.

A friend was hosting a party at his flat on Folsom Street, so we stopped by there for a few beers, flirts, and tokes, then we headed back into the fair. At this point, the crowd was getting too big and we were overwhelmed, so we walked a block away to the Lonestar.


The line at the Lonestar was pretty long, but worth the wait ( I even made sure to spray on another coat of Sunscreen). We got inside, grabbed some beers and made our way through the crowd of gorgeous and half naked drunk men (just like a kid in a ball pit, but these balls bounced in pairs). After groping ands squeezing our way through, we made it to the back patio. Once there, the pipes came out, the pints went down, and so did some of the men.

After making the rounds and making out with a few, I spent the rest of the evening with a very nice gentleman admirer. He admired me so much that I just had to show my appreciation……


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