Gay Dating Advice: The Six Guys To Avoid On Gay Dating Sites

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November 16, 2014
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tumblr_natpuhNuFI1tk3cm0o1_1280Hey boys, Robbie your editor here! I found this gay dating advice article on another gay blog and I totally loved it, however I would like to make one small edit. Sex is fun Sex is soooo much fun but if that’s not what you’re looking for, then yes you should follow this list to guarantee maximum satisfaction. However, if you do wanna hook up with some hairy hunk or have a quickie with the cutie who lives next door, just go with your instincts, be safe, trust your gut, and have fun! Without further adieu, here’s the article I promised.


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The online dating world is filled with sites for certain age groups, religious affiliations, and interests – all connecting people seeking their one true love.

It’s no different for gay men who use an online dating service to find the perfect match to become a life partner. Like any dating service, it’s important to recognize the signs that you’ve found a quality person who is compatible.

It’s just as important to recognize the warning signs that the person you’re talking to may not be the best relationship material. Here are six guys to avoid on gay dating sites:


If the guy you meet online won’t take the time to type a message in complete words and sentences, then he is unlikely to be serious about developing a serious relationship. Whenever you receive a message containing a phrase such as “u r such a qt,” it’s time to continue searching the site for someone else.

tumblr_natar7eU991ttp7o5o1_12802. THE GUY WHO IS TOO IMPRESSED WITH HIMSELF

No doubt, you’ve met this kind of person at work or in a nightclub: He can’t stop talking about himself; he is trying too hard to impress you, inflating his ego so much that there is no room for you to be in his life. Look for a person who is being genuine and honest and sounds like he is making an effort simply to be himself.


No one’s denying that sex is part of a loving, committed relationship, but guys who are overtly sexual in their comments or the photos and videos they post are typically just looking for a fling. They may ask about details of your sexual preferences during an initial online contact. As alluring and attractive as they may make themselves and as titillating as their come-ons may be, it’s best to avoid them and search for a match who wants a fulfilling life together that isn’t just about the sex.


Nothing may be worse on a first date than to discover he can’t stop talking and he spends very little time actually listening to or hearing what you have to say. It’s important during your early online communications to recognize the quality of listening so a first date is not a waste of time. Although you can’t technically “listen” online, you can tell by their responses whether they truly understand what you are saying about yourself.

tumblr_n8y69xVy9R1qcrgoro1_5005. THE GUY WHO NEVER TALKS

You may have developed good listening habits and are more than willing to shut your mouth to concentrate on what the other person is saying. An incompatibility can arise, however, if he is so introverted that you must initiate all the conversations. Try as you might, you just can’t convince him to respond to questions or comments during your online meeting. This is a sure sign that any date, and certainly a long-term relationship, won’t go very far.


It’s certainly understandable that each of you will want to ask questions about each other’s life, interests, career, background, etc. What you don’t want is to feel as if you’re being interrogated. You’re not trying to qualify for a job at the FBI or CIA. When the other person starts to ask what seems to be intrusive questions, then you should see a red flag waving in your face and politely end the conversation and continue your search for a better match.

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