Gay Fathers ‘Lust’ for Baby, Says Gordon Klingenschmitt

Staff Guyd
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Staff Guyd

November 14, 2013
8:46 p.m.

It does read like a very bad, or very good, Saturday Night Live sketch, but sadly it’s not.

A former Navy chaplain who’s made headlines in recent months for a series of bizarre anti-gay declarations is at it again.

As Right Wing Watch reported, “Dr. Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt displayed what appeared to be a stock photo of two gay men and a baby on an installment of his “Pray In Jesus Name” program.

Klingenschmitt notes that one of the two men “almost has his tongue hanging out, like he’s licking his chops, like, ‘This baby is ours now.’ And that’s fine, you may call that love, but it looks to me a little bit like lust.”

Klingenschmitt went on to call gay adoption a “recruiting” or “child abuse” tool, claiming that same-sex couples “crave to bring the children of heterosexual couples through adoption into their home” in order to “recruit” them into the homosexual lifestyle.

Of course, anyone familiar with Klingenschmitt’s recent history won’t be too surprised by the claim. In August, he argued in favor of discrimination against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Watch the video, here.


If you do want a laugh, watch the silly messages on the news feed. On a serious note, it’s this kind of nonsense that makes us proud to know better.


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