Gay Fitness: Chest Exercises To Get Perfect Pecks!

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August 25, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Joel Harrison / Gay Fitness

JoelOK, men. Are you ready to work your chesticles? Here are some tips for getting a pumped chest that demands attention!

Start with a bench press.  

Go for 4 sets of 8 reps, increasing the weight by 10 pounds each set.  Place your hands wide, put your thumb on the same side of your fingers so that the weight is supported by your forearm – not your wrist.  Lower the weight all the way down, tapping your chest before you press back up.  Need a spot? Don’t be shy – ask! You may just meet a cute guy who’ll be glad to stand over you while you bench!

Superset your chest exercises with a back exercise.

Working opposing muscles like chest and back promotes growth. Here are some examples of some good opposing muscle supersets:

Bench press – Bent over row

Incline chest press – Cable wide grip pull down

Decline dumbbell chest fly – Dumbbell reverse fly with chest against incline bench

Hammer dumbbell chest press – Close gripped cable row

Group ShotAlso, when you work your chest and back, you work a lot of the helper muscles as well (biceps, triceps, shoulders).

Finish with 3 sets of push-ups.  Go for 10 on the first and second sets, and then as many as you can do on the last.  Push-ups are a great way to exhaust your chest at the end of your chest workout, which will tear the muscle fibers and allow your pecs to grow!  In a proper push up, your chest should come down to where your thumbs could poke you on the side of your pec.  This will work your chest instead of your shoulders.

Follow these three workout regimens to blow up your chest in no time at all.  Because, let’s face it, nobody wants moobs and absolutely nothing looks better than a t-shirt pulled tautly over your bulging pecs, right?

The Phoenix Effecta metabolic bootcamp that gets you in shape fast, is offered exclusively at Mansion Fitness, 7914 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood.

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