Gay Netflix Of The Week – Dirty Girl

Robert Paulson
Authored by
Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
April 4, 2014
6:46 a.m.


I feel like half the time I sit down to watch a movie on Netflix I am almost expecting for it to be awful. And when it comes to perusing the Gay and Lesbian section it would be wise for you to expect the same. However, if you watch them all you are guaranteed to find something awesome.

Dirty Girl is just that diamond in the rough, an accidentally amazing movie about the town whore and her chubby gay best friend making their way to California to hunt down her long lost father. Along the way they get into all kinds of trouble; like visiting their first gay club or finding a very attractive hooker. Honestly, this movie is a hard sell, the subject matter would usually not be my thing but it’s wit and awkward humour makes it a must see.


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