Whether you are thinking about switching to Android or you are one of its many long time advocates you will love what our experts have to say on the subject. Providing quality phones for a fraction of the cost, we admire this brand for always giving their customers exactly what they want. In fact we love Android so much that they were the first to get our new features and the first to give us great feedback. So here is where all you Androids can you unite!

  • New GuySpy app for Android!

    May 12, 2011, 9:26 a.m.

    Hey GuySpy fans! Jay here again, and I'm excited to tell all you Android phone users that we've just launched our new GuySpy app on Android marketplace!

    So what's new about the new version? Well, you can view WAY MORE GUYS! Yup, you can now view over 100 profiles! You can even send your location and pics to guys, even if they're offline. Also, all your chat messages will be retained for up to 4 days, so you can look back at your hot chat sessions. Plus, there are more robust filters that let you sort your view the way you want, such as age, height, weight, etc. Add to that list language pack support. Did we mention WAY MORE GUYS in your viewing matrix?

    Download it today on Android Marketplace! And let us know what you think! Happy GuySpying!

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  • The tablet wars heat up with the Motorola XOOM!

    Feb. 24, 2011, 1:18 a.m.

    Wow, this is my first official post! Hello GuySpy users! I'm Jay, and I'll be bringing you the latest, greatest and sexiest in technology! For my first post, I'll be talking about the latest news in tablet computers! Last year, Apple introduced the iPad, and since then has sold millions of these tablet devices. So far, Apple has remained unchallenged in this department. Until now.  Read Now

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