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Whether you are here to talk about a fight against hatred and bigotry or you are more interested in whether the groom should wear ivy, cream, or egg shell, this page is probably for you. This is where we keep everything worth pinning or polling against. Here we can politics, rallies, protests, and injustice without ignoring the elegance of the perfect proposal or adorable wedding kiss. It’s all here! After all, us gays are known to be excellent party planners as well as protest planners, right?

  • News Guyd: UK Prime Minister Supports Gay Weddings in Church

    Dec. 7, 2012, 4:04 p.m.
    David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, has today voiced his support for gay weddings in church. This is a highly contentious issue in the UK, with many religious leaders and, indeed, government MPs totally against the idea. So a great move from Mr. Cameron (cheers, Dave). He told the BBC: “I’m a supporter of gay [&hellip
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