Joseph Odorisio

Joseph Odorisio has a certain sexy boy next door vibe about him that is the sort of thing to make a guy melt. His hair is never quite perfect but his smile and body always is. That might just be what we love about him. Also it helps that he has a simply awesome body and we would happily pay to see. If you love him as much as we do then that is probably why you are here. And let’s be honest, who would love someone so perfect?

  • November Man of the Month: Joseph Odorisio’s Italian Angles

    Nov. 1, 2011, 6:48 p.m.

     It may be the month of turkey and fixin’s, but we’re going all Italian on your ass. 

    Twenty-one-year-old Joseph Odorisio, an ex-hairdresser, an ex-police student, and a current “I’ll take seconds, please,” grew up in Montreal, and, like so many descendent from the Old Country, grew up in a duplex with his parents on one floor and his grandparents on the other. 

    “My family is very traditional,” says Joseph. “My parents were working, so I learned Italian from my grandparents. They’d pick me up from school. I was with them all the time until I hit my teen years.”  Read Now

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