Sexy Greek Men

So what’s better than a sexy greek guy? Exactly. We love the accents, the hairy chests, and the sexy smiles they are all born with. Who wouldn’t love them though? Well we have quite a handful of greek writers that love to gab about so many different topics. Whether it’s travel tips, greek life, or gaga we have someone in the know for you!

  • Greek Guyd: Gay Athens (Part One)

    March 22, 2013, 9:14 a.m.
    Ancient Athenians have been credited with two very important inventions: democracy and homosexuality. While only the first is true, I never rush to correct people. Having traveled a lot I’ve heard a number of credible and incredible questions on Athens, like, “Does everybody wear togas?” or “Are donkeys the main method of transportation in Athens?” [&hellip
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