Will And Grace

  • Humour Guyd: 25 Ways To Live Life Like Karen Walker

    March 25, 2013, 4:22 p.m.
    Step one: Surround yourself with gays and money. Step two: Drink. 1. Question everything. Source: r-ii.tumblr.com 2. Assert your position as the center of the universe. Source: fuckyeahwillandgrace.tumblr.com 3. Never let societal norms dictate your drinking habits. Source: itscaseyk.tumblr.com 4. Delegate. Source: sexlesslovers.tumblr.com 5. Appreciate your assets. Source: thegiflibrary.tumblr.com 6. Be a lady. Always. Source: 2sexy4shirt.tumblr.com 7. Manage your time wisely. [&hellip
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