Georgia Pastor Gets Standing Ovation for Kicking Boy Scouts Out of Church (from “Towleroad”)

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June 6, 2013
7:34 a.m.

Story courtesy of Towleroad

A Marietta, Georgia, church kicked out Boy Scouts Troop 204 after the  organization said they were accepting gay scouts and Roswell Street Baptist Church Senior Pastor Ernest Easley said he got a standing ovation from his  congregation when he made the announcement, WSBTV reports:

Easley said his congregation gave him a standing  ovation when he announced his decision to no longer sponsor the troop, which has  been meeting at the church for 68 years. He said the stance the Boy Scouts has  taken is not only contrary to the word of God, but it puts young people at  risk.

“You’ve  got boys in there in a tent that are sexually attractive to other boys, whose  hormones are going off the wall. Something is going to happen,” Easley said.

Another church, Unity North Atlanta Church in Marietta, has already offered  the evicted scout troop a home.

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