Guide to Gay Athens (Part 3)

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
June 4, 2013
6:17 a.m.

Here’s part 3 of our Athens Gay Guide! Check out part 1 here and part 2 here

One stop down from Monastiraki on the Athens Metro is Keramikos, which is known as Gazi, the biggest gay village of Athens. Gazi is a vibrant neighbourhood full of bars, cafes and restaurants. Sodade 2 (10 Triptolemou) (yes I know it sounds like a sequel) is the bar that started it all, always popular with Athenian boys. Newest addition in the street is Valentino Boys Club (14 Triptolemou) with themed nights and regular drag shows. Further down is Fou Club (8 Keleou) for dancing with bears. For cruising there are 3 main choices. Firstly, the Alexander Sauna (134 Meg. Alexandrou) It’s multi-floored clean and the biggest gay sauna in Athens. There’s also Attraxx Cruising Point (36 Iakxou). Think of this as a ‘dry sauna,’ with cabins and movies. Lastly there’s FCUK  (3 Keleou), which is your regular sex club with slings!

If  you’d rather have fun with some clothes on, a popular gay friendly spot is Shamone a new bar/club, which attracts many people from the media scene in Athens. If you are hungry, try Kanela Restaurant (70 Konstandinoupoleos). Across from Kanela you will find 8th Sin Bar for groovy pop music and stylish men.

athens night 111

Just off Gazi you will find BIG Bar (Falesias 12 Str). The name says it all – a nice relaxed atmosphere for ‘real’ mean. In the next area to Gazi called Kerameikos you will find  Athens’ newest clubbing sensation. It opened last October and it is called The Apartment (76 Kolonou Street). The Apartment boasts the best DJs and shows in town, with frequent guest DJs and acts from abroad. Well worth a visit for clubbers. If you like a drag show then Koukles is the place to go. This unpretentious joint boasts weekly visits from Greek celebrities – even Jean-Paul Gautier comes here!

Do we have a gay beach in Athens? Yes we do! How can you get there? With difficulty! The only ‘gay’ nudist beach is called Mauro Lithari and it is situated on the way from Athens to Cape Sounion a good 30-40 minutes drive away. At a particular point not visible from the road there are some small steps to the beach from the highway. As you need a car to get there your best bet is to beg and plead a local to get you there.

Athens hosts two major gay events. The Outview LGBT Film Festival brings LGBT films from all over the world and happens every April/May in the city. Athens Pride  is the biggest event  it happens in early June, and this year it is scheduled for the 8th of June (2013). Kauthmonos Square is the centre point where the parade starts at 18:00 (it’s too hot earlier), after the parade the main stage hosts famous Greek music acts and guests.

For accommodation there is a great assortment of hotels to chose from most of which are gay friendly. There is no ‘gay’ hotel yet, but we are working on it. So Athens is a great winter break destination or a great place to spend a few days before heading out to the islands.  Come on! We are waiting for you!


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peterparker (Guest)
9 years, 2 months ago

I dated a guy from Athens! What a stud! 😉

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phantom (Guest)
6 years, 11 months ago

i have been a subject of racial profiling because i was Asian. its a whites only club. don’t go there if you are white.

here are some reviews that i saw

“They can as well advertise its a “white” only club. Asians not allowed. I was not allowed cause of my skin colour and looks. White person will not have this experience when he comes to asia. We welcome everyone arms wide open.”

“I was with a gay friend of mine from Dubai e they did’nt let us in because he “didn’t fit the crowd”… A gay club should accept just anyone and refusing someone because of how he looks is the worst thing ever… The owner is a complete asshole!”