Guy-PS: David Toussaint Navigates Your Week (Government Shutdown Addition)

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
October 6, 2013
11:54 a.m.

What do you do when your government’s as functional as John Boehner after two glasses of wine and no Viagra? Hit the town! GuySpy’s been making the rounds of late, attending parties and events and fundraisers. But enough bragging about meeting Ben Cohen. Last week I had a chance to check out Dina Martina’s show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, and it was a thrill a minute (far better than the big-budget Broadway show I saw Friday, but that snooze review will come later).


I’ve got a big, big love!

Dina’s big, real big, both in her devoted fan base (“Are you a Dina virgin?” a seatmate asked me before the lights went out) and her physical presence. Martina’s show is part (bad) singing, part monologues, and an all-backless dress that leaves no back hair to the imagination. The highlight? A hysterical ode to the End of Twinkies Scare, delivered with her slight lisp, her penchant for pronouncing words incorrectly, and her sheer, over-the-top sweet-as-pie lounge singer persona.

In an only in New York cabaret moment, Ms. Martina stood at the back of the room after the show hawking her CD—hey, girls got to make a living—as patrons glided by unsure of whether it was a prerequisite for a photo-op or an encore of sorts. When I told Dina I wrote for GuySpy, she told me there was no such thing and that I made it up. I refrained from telling her she should be the last person to comment on things that aren’t real, and had our photo snapped. She graciously obliged and hugged me so hard I realized I really am not a Dina virgin anymore.

Dina’s a night of sheer fun, and I highly recommend you check her out. For information on her shows, visit her Facebook page. A big thanks to Ron Lasko for arranging the affair… and the show.


Dina, what’s the dish on David?

Speaking of Larger Than Life Women, Bette Midler is bringing her brilliant one-woman show, I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers, to Los Angeles, for a three-week run at the Geffen Theater from December 3 through the 22nd. Do yourself a Divine favor and get your tickets NOW! This is one show not to be missed. And if you missed my review, read it here.


Cohen’s Optical Illumination!

Ben Him: The The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation has been doing amazing work, and he’s the poster boy (literally) for a straight ally. So it was with pleasure that I attended the Kiehl’s event downtown to meet the man behind the moxie. Cohen’s so attentively polite he could charm the pants right off of you. (That’s the first time I’ve used that expression where I wasn’t using it as an expression.) When the hearing-impaired hunk told me he reads lips, I was tempted to tell him that people tell me mine are like a classic novel, but held my tongue.

Ben told me he had to fly back to London the next day for Strictly Come Dancing, and that, in his words, “I’m not a very good dancer.” Check out Jorge Gallegos’s coverage of the event here, and watch the latest SCD video, below, to judge for yourself.

The Heat Is On: Speaking of great straight guys, I interviewed (for the second time) former 98 Degrees heartthrob Jeff Timmons about his new All-Male Las Vegas Review. Timmons is as cute as a button you’d like to rip off to get to the good stuff! He’s also one of the most engaging people I’ve ever featured. Here he talks about his gay fans and his next big thing. What happens in Vegas stays in our hearts!


Timmons is belt-ing out more tunes!

Columbus Gay: Next week, on Oct. 13, XL is the host of “Trippin’ on the Moon,” a party that celebrates the music and times of the Saint, once New York’s premiere nightclub. This is the third year running, and I can’t wait to get my “souvenir” memory fix. Go here for details.


Since I do my best to cover all the exciting events in Vancouver, home offices to GuySpy, I emailed our Events Boy Scott Bolton for all the news. Sadly, Scott was too busy working to get back to me, but he did send me a shot from work to prove how diligent he is. Here it is….


Casual Sex Saturdays

Golden Boy: Love Guyd Sir Ari Gold emailed me this week to let me know he has a big announcement he’s going to make via GuySpy. What could it be? Is he the love child of Sir Elton John and Dame Judi Dench? I don’t know, but keep checking the site for his Big Video Confession…


Confession on a dance floor?

Photo Finish


Story Board: While all the attention in the U.S. has been on the government shutdown and the series finale of Breaking Bad (Hey, at least Walter White had good intentions), my favorite piece of news was this article on the Texas dad who showed his son a lesson about bullying in a very innovative way. Agree or not, it’s a fascinating piece. Read it here.

Till next time….

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–David Toussaint

Author Photo: Bob Johnson


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