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David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
May 24, 2013
3:07 p.m.

We Didn’t Start the Fire: The big news this week was to be the re-opening of the Fire Island Pines Pavilion, all set for the Memorial Day Weekend festivities. Turns out the grand opening has been delayed for one more week. Disappointing, yes, but at least it will give the organizers a chance to re-send my Opening Party e-vite, which I’m certain must have gone to my Spam folder! Isn’t that right, Bobby Bonanno? Check their facebook page for updates.

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Best Bette: Too rainy and cold to hit the beach? Hit Broadway and see The Divine Miss M as Sue Mengers in the divine I’ll Eat You Last. Read my review, here, then f*** over anyone you need to in order to get tickets before it closes on June 30. Mengers and Midler would be proud. Best bet is 1366308649

All About Eva: Speaking of diva worship, I finally had a chance to see Patti Issues at the Duplex cabaret. Every critic has been raving about the one-man show—drama’s toughest reviewer, Miss Lupone herself, apparently loves the play—and I had tons of fun too. Ben Rimalower’s story is more than just a spoof or camp show. It’s a true, Sandra Bernhard-esque story of childhood and coming out and aspirations, all wrapped around a woman named Patti. Click here for details.

Really, Rosie? Ever since her wonderful sitcom I’ve wanted an audience with Roseanne Bar. I think I’ll frame her sweet Tweet on the wall. (So Proud!)



A movie only THIS man could enjoy?

Head Ache: Movie-wise, the big flick this week is The Hangover 3. Since I’m not an official film reviewer I can only offer up “3” other things that might be more fun than the pain this “comedy” inflicts: A.) Sticking needles through your eyes. B.) Stapling your lips together. C.) Guantanamo!

London Calling: Abroad or just a broad, if you’re in London, make sure you hit As One in the Park. GuySpy will be there, well, some of us (ahem!), and the line-up includes Frankie Goes to Hollywood lead singer Holly Johnson, Rita Ora, and our very own Danny Hilton. Read about the festival here!


Photo Finish: Belieber Or Not?


Do I sound bitter? What can I say, I’m an assface!


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–David Toussaint

Fire Island Photos: Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society.


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