GuySpy Real Guy of the Week: JOENN

Jorge Gallegos
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Jorge Gallegos
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March 20, 2013
9:16 p.m.

As many of you might know I’m in the city that never sleeps… New York City! One of the many things I love about the Big Apple is you can meet people from all over the world. I’ve only been here for two weeks and so far I’ve made out with a Greek God (literally), been on a date with a French Daddy and I just meet some lads from London at Starbucks.

Just like in New York City, GuySpy travel mode gives you the opportunity to chat with guys anywhere in the world. This time, while using the Cruise feature, I ran into this hottie from the Middle East. His pictures got my attention, but I was more interested in finding out more about his personal life.

I’m surprised by some of his answers, hot and scandalous! Just the way I like them…

GuySpy Real Guy of the Week: JOENN

Guyspy Profile Name: JOENN

Age:  20 years old

Location: Lebanon

GuySpy Real Guy of the Week: JOENN

What do you like the most about GuySpy app? 

I am very new here, but I like it because you can get whatever you want in a classy way. Also, I love the map feature, very useful when traveling.

How would you describe your perfect guy? 

Well my perfect guy is one with beard, preferably with black hair, muscled, somewhat hairy, radiant eyes, tall and fit. I’m also very attracted to guys with their upper lip smaller than the lower one; this makes such a cute smile.

What’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Tell us about it.

It was with a friend and we were so hard.  One day, while walking in the woods we found a very old house with no ceiling and falling apart. We started fucking but it started raining right away. It got cold, but we didn’t stop till both of us came…

GuySpy Real Guy of the Week: JOENN

What’s your dirty little secret?

My dirty little secret is that I have a crush on my coworker, and I’ve been watching him while he changes clothes.

Who would you say is a good role model (straight or gay, female or male) for the gay community? Why?

In my opinion, Katy Perry is a good role model.  She’s always giving hope to gay people. Her song “Firework” empowers everybody and tells you it’s OK to be who you are.


Isn’t it weird I always find guys into public sex? Oh well, works for me… 😉 


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