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Jorge Gallegos
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Jorge Gallegos
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November 3, 2012
6:29 p.m.

In my latest virtual trip to The Netherlands, using GuySpy Travel Mode – FREE for everyone – I found today’s Real Guy of the Week.

I’ve been a fan of the Bel Ami Porn Studios since my teenage years, so I decided to go and explore the places where most of their models are from. I never expected to see that many gorgeous, blond, blue-eyed men popping up on my phone screen from countries I haven’t even heard of it.

This guy got my attention for his particular look, especially his beautiful eyes. I was also intrigued by the romantic essence behind those pictures. Something told me he was our Guy.

My instincts were right. He is not only handsome but also posseses an exceptional personality; and that turns me on even more than a six pack.

Let’s hear what he had to say…


 Guyspy Profile Name: Serafijn

Age: 34

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

 1.What do you like the most about GuySpy app? The fact that I can chat with guys from around the world, or use it to meet tourists in my own country. I’m always interested in different flavors. They keep me interested and on edge. GuySpy is a nice way to spend time and meet some interesting guys along the way.

2. How would you describe your perfect guy? Indie, humorous (big plus)! Rough, dark hair, kind bright eyes, and definitely some stubbles! And he should have a passion, no matter what it is. I like people who are passionate about something. Who can talk for hours and hours about just one thing; whether it’s music, theater, cars, or astronomy. It doesn’t even have to be something I personally like. As long as it’s with passion.

3. What’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Tell us about it. In a pool in front of someone’s house at night (sometimes people were walking by on the street, so we had to lay low), when on vacation in Cairns Australia. My fellow travelers thought I was “just taking a stroll down the beach.” Thanks GuySpy 😉 (You’re Welcome)

4. What’s your dirty little secret? It wouldn’t be a secret anymore when I told you, now would it? I like people with secrets. Makes them more interesting and intriguing. Keeps me guessing. As long as they’re not hurtful secrets, all is well.

5. Who would you say is a good role model (straight or gay, female or male) for the gay community? Why? I’d say a straight male, because they seem to be the biggest threat, or they seem to see us as a big threat to their masculinity. I have a lot of male, straight friends and the fact that they can come along to a gay club and have a good time is the best sign of integration for me.

When looking at celebrities I’d say someone like Daniel Radcliffe or Zac Efron is doing a great job. Both straight and openly supporting the gay community. Shows you don’t have to be gay to support our cause, nor do you have to be a girl that takes us shopping.

What pisses me off, however, is the fact that a lot of people from our community start saying: “Oh! He’s gay, just doesn’t know it yet.” Why couldn’t a straight man, comfortable with his own sexuality, openly support us? Why say that he’s closeted?”

Rough, checked, dark hair, checked, kind bright eyes, checked. DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

If you think you have what it takes to be our next “Real Guy of the Week” e-mail me (jorge@guyspy.comwith your username, location, and age. I will review all the submissions with the rest of the GuySpy team, and pick a candidate. The lucky winner gets to be featured on our blog, and wins a Gift Pack and 3 months free of GuySpy+. Don’t wait any longer to submit your profile. You could be next week’s Guy.

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