Hillary Clinton Might Be Taking Veep’s Makeup Artist

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April 11, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Watermark Conference for Women - Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton Story Courtesy Of Madeleine Davies

Last night during the Veep season 4 premiere party, COMEDY ANGEL Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed a fun bit of trivia: the HBO series revolving around the staff of fictional president Selina Meyer shares a makeup artist—Barbara Lacy—with Hillary Clinton. And now that Clinton is probably running for president, Lacy will likely leave the show, swapping out the fictional campaign trail for the real thing.

“Can you believe that we have Hillary Clinton’s makeup artist?,” Louis Dreyfus told Allure. “And now Hillary is apparently announcing soon. So, yeah, I’m confident that we will lose her.”

That doesn’t mean Selina’s look will be changing dramatically. (That transformation already happened last season). While Lacy works for the show at large, JLD has her makeup done by a different makeup artist. As Allure reports:

Lacy doesn’t actually work on Louis-Dreyfus—other people transform Veep’s lead into (now) President Selina Meyer. But Lacy did help establish President Meyer’s political bona fides in one crucial way: “She got me a note from Hillary Clinton on Secretary of State [stationery] to me as Selina Meyer. It’s really special, and I have it framed in my office.”

Hillary Clinton and Lacy have been working together for over 10 years, so let’s be fair here: Hillary had her first, which gives her dibs. Sorry, Veep, but as long as the makeup artist responsible for thismagical work sticks around, I think we’ll all cope just fine.

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