Fetish Guyd: International Mr. Leather 2013

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

June 1, 2013
4:48 a.m.

Such an amazing week at IML 2013 this year! We had tons of fun and our booth pictures look amazing too! Check out some of the exclusive pictures we took at the booth.

The Leather Market was so much fun this year! We had a blast checking out all the other booths. The whole market was filled with hot shirtless guys, people wearing leather, and guys in tight suits! Muscle daddies, leather bears, otters and guys next door – we really were spoilt for choice.

Thank you for the Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile for holding IML 2013, and thank you to Orbitz for partnering with us!

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The main event of the week was International Mister Leather of 2013. Congratulations to the winners of International Mister Leather for 2013, pictured below. You can check them out in more detail here


Andy Cross for 1st place
Thib Guicherd for 2nd place
Robert Miller for 3rd place



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