Is Hollyoaks The UK’s New Gay TV Soap?

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November 28, 2013
2:57 a.m.

Our UK Intern Alex Meredith looks at the gay action happening in this popular UK soap… Some of these boys are pretty hot! Check out the recent naked GT (Gay Times) cover…


Alex Meredith writes:

Channel 4’s long running soap is Hollyoaks, and it is full of gay story lines at the moment.

One storyline includes Vincent, a closeted illegal immigrant from Africa, who attempts to marry British girl Phoebe to get a British VISA. However, this plan fails as Vincent’s confusion over his sexuality surfaces.


They are at the point of saying their vows only for Phoebe’s friends to appear, her openly gay friend George who confronts Vincent, only to be rejected. But when the ‘I do’s’ come up Vincent confesses he cannot do it. Leaving a heartbroken Phoebe to run off in tears.

Later in the episode we see George and Vincent confessing their love for one another. Unfortunately Phoebe sees the pair embrace and her anger boils over. She then reports Vincent to the authorities. Will the boys be able to continue their romance? Or will the law intervene? 


The second gay plot features two teachers, sizzling hottie John Paul and his married (to a woman) silver fox colleague Danny. The steamy couple seem to be drawn to each other, but over the past week openly gay John Paul has been trying to distance himself, as he doesn’t want to break up a family. But the infatuated Danny relentlessly pursues John; to display his affections he attempts to protect John from the homophobic abuse he’s been receiving from two of his pupils.  


Lizzie Roper, who plays Danny’s wife Sam, recently told Digital Spy: “Danny is bisexual and it’s almost like he’s compartmentalised his life. He’s very happy with his wife and his family, but his job has given him the opportunity to pop around the country and indulge in the different side of himself. The unfortunate thing on this occasion is that his two lives have now collided into each other, so Danny is now in an awful situation.” We’ve all dealt with a closet case at one point it’s hard work!  

JP and Danny -1

This story is only set to get even more dramatic. In October one of the producers of the show announced that one of John Paul’s bullies, 16-year old pupil Finn O’Connor, would rape his teacher after months of homophobic torments. The controversial rape scene won’t be shown due to Hollyoaks’ pre-watershed time, but the aftermath will be obvious.

The show runs at 6:30pm from Monday to Friday on Channel 4 (UK).



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