Ivy Levan, Ain’t Nothing Like This Dame

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

August 30, 2013
6:07 p.m.

IMG_4307I could not have been more excited the day a copy of Introducing The Dame landed on my desk. A black and white EP with a rock-a-billy vibe full of an insatiable sass that one cannot possibly get enough of. Ivy Levan is a southern bell from Arkansas who, after finding success at the county pageants, made her way wide-eyed and bushy-tailed to the big city. However, the world ended up being a little less gumdrops and fairytales than predicted.

After being beat around on her first label and trying her hand at modelling and acting, the songstress grew thick skin and a bitter disposition.

Being an artistic crazy person I always need some sort of medium to express myself. I love acting but it’s just another hobby. It’s like a perk. In my egotistical vain existence I knew one day I was gonna say “fuck all this shit!” But you have to do the shit. I came here [to L.A.] and got smacked in the face.

But money talks and Levan did not have any, so she started a “normal” job with a distant and unlikely dream on the horizon.

All the songs that I write are about real life shit that happened to me. At one moment of my life I was hustling and being a club promoter and I was fed a bunch of bull shit.

Ivy Smoking!

Fate has a way of creeping up on you. Levan found herself befriending producer Lucas Banker and landing a promising record deal with CherryTree Records in association with Interscope. Her rough road, dedication, and constant rejection turned her into the tough as nails creature of bold fiction you see today.

It’s been fucking amazing, to say the least. The last [record company] was a nightmare and this is a real family. Martin Balm has been such a big part of the project and so hands on and it’s been a dream come true.

Her EP was released with an outrageous music video trilogy following the plot of a firey diner owner who gets robbed, framed, and revenge! The series is a set of black and white clips full of sexy sass served sunny side up.

I do have a little bit of temper and a little bit of a control issue. It’s kind of a funny take on me [and how] I’m a hard ass bitch. Don’t fuck with me! [They’re] about woman empowerment; you can take a frying pan and whip some assholes.

[The video’s are] black and white because colour is so not necessary and so overdone. I don’t go to for rainbows even though I do support the rainbow.

At first no one wanted to be seen in the video so they wore masks and that morphed into all men are animals. [The rest is] the big hair and the diamonds and the fashion and the glamour; The bigger the hair the closer to God!

Want to know what happens next? Here is Part 2: ‘Money‘ and Part 3: ‘I Don’t Want To Wake Up‘ to satisfy your curiosity.

If you want to see when Levan is playing near you or even what crazy antics she is getting into you can follow her, below.






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