James Franco Tackled a Guy After a Lana Del Rey Cemetery Concert

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October 22, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Madeleine Davies

Lana Del Rey held a concert at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and — as so happens when the Corpse Bride wails her sorry song on hallowed ground — the air turned cold, dead loved ones returned to walk the mortal coil and James Franco (and his Elizabeth Taylor/Montgomery Clift head tattoo) allegedly tackled a photographer. SpooOooOoky!

Franco was photographed gleefully scampering away from a collapsed paparazzo, who now claims that the actor tackled him, damaged his equipment and hurt his back (a classic All Hallows’ Eve prank). The man has filed a report with the LAPD and Franco’s reps have yet to comment.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.16.56 AM

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey can still be seen on a full moon night, wandering the graveyard and looking for her lost love (the rockin’ tombstone of Johnny Ramone). A blessed Samhain unto us all.


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