Does ‘Thor: The Dark Word’ Theal Your Thunder Or Dithapoint? Jay Catterson Reviews

Jay Catterson
Authored by
Jay Catterson

November 13, 2013
8:56 a.m.

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The hot hammer-wielding god of thunder is back! Thor: The Dark World marks the return of Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth as the titular
 character courtesy of the Marvel Universe franchise. This time around,
 Thor has to stop the destruction of the universe by preventing an
ancient weapon from getting into the hands of the Dark Elves. Does
this sequel deserve to battle its way to the top of the box office, or 
is it too weak to warrant your dollars? Read on!

The Good: The film is gorgeous, and the special effects are 
spectacular. Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls, Nick & Nora’s Playlist) 
provides some well needed comic relief when things get a little too
heavy or confusing. But the biggest draw is Tom Hiddleston’s
performance as Thor’s malevolent stepbrother, Loki. His performance
 alone is what redeems this franchise, and he shares some truly magical
 moments with Hemsworth.

The Gay: Hemsworth. Whoa, talk about hunkalicious! His glistening wet,
 chiseled beefcake bod is a sight to behold. This
 film has something for everyone in terms of the guy department, from 
beefy Asgardian warriors to the dorkishly cute intern Ian, played by
 British cutie Jonathan Howard. Even Captain America (Chris Evans)
 makes a cameo. Hotness. Overload.

And Natalie Portman looks fabulously glam as Thor’s love interest, 
Jane Foster. Sexy Jaimie Alexander gives Portman a run for her
 money as Asgardian femme fatale, Sif.

The Bad: The storyline is clunky and a tad confusing, and the 3D 
effects are subpar. A lot of the action seems recycled, with the 
film coming across like a Lord of the Rings meets Star Trek copycat. 
And the whole Dark Elves storyline doesn’t really go anywhere, with
 Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who) giving a merely adequate performance 
as Dark Elf leader Malekith.

The Fugly: What was up with Natalie Portman’s weak attempts at
 fainting? Ugh, so lame. And Anthony Hopkins seems rather bored as
 Thor’s dad, Odin.

Thor, or not to ThorI’m happy to say that lightning does 
strike twice with Thor: The Dark World. This sequel, although not
 perfect, is a solid effort from the folks at Marvel. You could
probably skip the 3D to save yourself some bucks, but this film does
 warrant a viewing on the big screen, with Hiddleston’s performance as
 Loki making this a worthy jaunt to the cineplex. Throw your hammer 
into the ring and buy a ticket.

The Grade: B+


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