Jessica Lange Flawlessly Channels Bowie, Plus What To Expect From This Season’s AHS Covers

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October 11, 2014
6:00 a.m.

AHSFS_Jessica_color_f_hires1Story Courtesy Of Queerty

David Bowie has some pretty big, pretty extra-terrestrially bedazzled shoes to fill, but Jessica Lange did a pretty honorable job slipping into them on last night’s American Horror Story premiere. Show creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that due to demand the track, which Lange performs as freak show proprietor Elsa Mars, will soon be available to download on iTunes. He has a little bit of experience in this arena, as any Glee fan will tell you. He also hinted at other musical numbers we have to look forward to on this season of AHS.  He said Jessica’s Lana Del Rey cover is, “something to behold,” and Kurt Cobain will be featured in a musical homage. We’ve also got it on good authority that Sarah Pauley will give us a mean Fiona Apple performance next week.

Here’s Jessica Lange getting glammy to Bowie’s Life on Mars”:

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