Johnny Depp, Now & Then

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
June 13, 2013
5:56 p.m.

At least Angelina knows what she wants. Last week’s Now & Then, Brad Pitt, was rated hotter back in 1991, by 56 percent of GuySpy readers, as opposed to now (35 percent). The rest of you claimed indifference. We won’t send out lie detectors, but we will move on to Lone Territory.

This week’s Now & Then is Johnny Depp, who, at 50, is about to star in the big-screen adaptation of The Long Ranger, as… Tonto! We’re not here to make casting comments, but we will ask if you think Depp is hotter, NOW, alg-johnny-depp-jpgin a recent paparazzi photo, or Then, 21-Jump-Street-HOT-johnny-depp-10849307-300-400in a publicity still for his 1987 series, 21 Jump Street. 

Is Depp hotter Now or Then?


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