Jon Hamm Looks Great, Even In Jail Lighting

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
Pop Culture Guyd!
September 11, 2013
8:25 p.m.


Someone once told me that Kylie Minogue has her own lighting techniques patented to ensure she always looks good in her videos. And we’ve all heard about Mariah and Babs’ respective right and left sides only! These things used to seem odd to me, but I’ve come to realize good lighting is crucial – CRUCIAL! I bring this up because for Esquire’s 80th Anniversary Issue, the magazine decided to photograph eighty men from ages 1-80. These men include Michael Douglas, Aaron Paul, Blake Shelton, Bradley Cooper, and Jon Hamm, pictured above. They don’t want no regular Joe Schomes on those glossy pages.

What they didn’t take into consideration was the rule of Kylie, because the lighting is terrible! Terrible! The image of Jon Hamm, though, proves that he can look good in any lighting, which is quite a feat. Look at him! His face is commando-hot! Sure, he looks a little tired, but in comparison to the Michael Douglas one, it’s like comparing Tara Reid to a pile of rotting grapes – the rotting grapes always win. JustJared has the other above mentioned pictures, but the magazine is on newsstands now; so it’s all ready for you to pick up a copy, and then proceed to put it back down and buy it on your iPad.


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Luv ur eyes n everything u hav