Justin Bieber Fights Off The Sexual Advances Of A Grown Male Belieber

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March 6, 2015
6:02 a.m.

Justin-Bieber6bJustin Bieber Story Courtesy Of Queerty

The following promo for the upcoming Comedy Central roast of the Biebs is billed as “Justin’s Worst Nightmare.”

Apparently, there is nothing worse than being aggressively hit on by a slightly overweight man in a blonde wig who wants to stick his pinky in his, well, guess.

Huh, we’d think an international conversation about whether or not he had his package enhanced would be a bit more uncomfortable, but what do we know?

Oh, and drums.

[GUYSPY EDITORS NOTE: Doesn’t it seem a little homophobic that this is his “worst nightmare”]

Watch below:

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