Sailing With The KAPTN, By Connor Sobolik

Connor Sobolik
Authored by
Connor Sobolik

October 18, 2013
6:36 p.m.


Kaptn is a spectacle. The party-hard frat boy has long blond hair and a mischievous grin that guarantees a wild night of stories worth the hangover. His music is a tongue in cheek retelling of ridiculous tales involving characters from “I Love Lucy” and a whole lot of “juice.”

With some incredibly fun viral music videos and catchy hooks he is climbing his way to the top of the your playlist; especially in the California club scene. If his raised brow and greasy hair isn’t enough to feed your surf boy fantasies, then his impending mix-tape promises to do the job. He and I met to talk about everything he’s got out and been working on, and his sudden success.

On the name.

I just am the captain. That’s been my nickname since I was a teenager. I used to throw a lot of big house parties at my parents place and I just kind of became the party captain.

On the meaning of “Ricky Ricardo.”

When people ask I usually give them kind of an asshole answer and tell them it’s “I Love Lucy” the show, but I don’t know, man. It’s out there, It’s an out there track.

On success.

Well, for me what I did was really just tried hard. I had a couple songs out there and what happened was a twist of fate. The right people heard ‘em. It’s kinda about how you work it and about you. If people like it then you can go far. It’s about networking and all that stuff, but it’s really about luck.

On rapping.

I am white and I have long hair, that’s about it. I don’t really consider myself rap. I know I rap on everything but it’s more like a pop music thing. I like to make actual songs and tell stories and stuff. But I mean, yeah, I rap.

On goals and aspirations.

Everything that comes out these days is so single driven and radio driven. I want people to feel like it’s ninety-one again and you just bought a Nirvana album and you could listen to the whole thing over and over again the whole way through. It should be really good, we have tons of great material.

On juice.

There are many different types of juice. It’s about everything, you know? It’s about juice as a whole. Do you have that juice? Do you got what it takes? Also, it’s kind of a sperm joke. Although at the same time it could just be about juice.

On LGBT and rap tension.

I am not part of that tension. I have love for everybody in the world. I am about big love, polygamy, all that stuff. I don’t try to start tension with anybody except people I dislike and the only people I dislike are celebrities. Some of them. You get this whole Hollywood frickin’ thing out here, and everybody wants to be a dickhead because they have made a little name for themselves. I am not about that. I shake hands, I kiss the babies, I am out there with the fans and I like doing my thing.


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