Listen To Clip Of Lady Gaga’s ‘Venus’; View Single Cover Art

Aristotle Eliopoulos
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Aristotle Eliopoulos
Pop Culture Guyd!
October 25, 2013
12:53 p.m.


There are so many divas in music hoping to make 2014 their year, and it’s gonna be awhile till we know who wins. But I think it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga is upping her game in the pop-stars-gone-psycho category.  She’s currently travelling Berlin to promote the album looking ridiculous and crazy, and not just “I’m an artist travelling Europe crazy,” but more, “Oh, are we on season three of American Horror Story now? I thought we were still in Asylum” type of crazy. She also just released a bonkers R. Kelly track to promote ARTPOP that actually gives us a nice taste of what’s to come.

Finally, we have a snippet of her second single ,”Venus.” We also get the three different, if not indulgent, cover arts for the single. They were shot by Steven Klein, who just worked with this lady; but it’s nice that Klein gets time to work with a wacky old bat too — and I don’t mean Gaga, but a literal bat! Listen to the clip, and check out the cover arts (that are scary enough for a last minute Halloween Gaga costume, JSYK), below.

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